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Kathmandu Day Tour is very peculiar. Unlike most of the day tours around the world, it is full of people, history and architecture. It is about the excursion of 5 UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE in one day. Even if the attractions are plenty it is doable in just a day’s time. These attractions are within the Kathmandu Valley in about 45 minutes of driving distances. Here are the various places which the travelers will tour during Kathmandu Day Tour. 

Pashupatinath Temple:

This is the holiest temple of the Hindu followers. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter inside the main temple. However, there are numerous things to observe inside the temple premises. The temple is huge and has the temples of different gods and goddesses. It is on the bank of the holy Bagmati River. The Gorakhnath Baba Temple area and the funeral sites are also worth watching. Watch out for the monkeys too. 


The Stupa is nearby the Pashupatinath Temple. Even if the site is holy for Buddhists the Hindus equally worship the stupa. Therefore, one can see the unique religious harmony. This stupa can be seen while coming to Nepal as well from the airplane. It is truly the architectural magnificence. Lots of the devotees are seen worshipping and praying. Turn the mane and cleanse your spirits as well.


This is also the Buddhists temple but has the Hindu gods and goddesses as well. It is also called the Monkey Temple. It is located at the top of the hill and surrounded by the green lush forests. The panoramic view of the valley is spectacular from the top of the temple. On a fine clear day, one can get the vista of mountains as well.

Kathmandu Durbar Square:

Durbar Square is located nearby Thamel. It can be reached within walking distance from the major touristic hub of Kathmandu the Thamel. The place is now under renovation after the 2015 earthquake disaster. It is an ideal place to witness the living goddess of Nepal the Kumari. She gives a chance to worship her only two times a day. Morning at 9 o'clock and evening at 4 o'clock are her timings.

 Patan Durbar Square:

Unlike Kathmandu Durbar Square this one is very well organized. It has so many things which one can relish. The architectural masterpiece and living history can be found in Patan. Krishna Mandir which is made out of one single stone and in Sikhara Style is unique to observe. Museum, Durbar Chowks, and Taleju temple are a few attractions of the place. Don’t forget to hop into the typical Newari restaurant for the authentic local delicacies. Newars are regarded as the jewel of the Kathmandu Valley. 



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