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Kathmandu Valley Day Hiking is peculiar and interesting. The valley is known for its architectural brilliance. However, the place is equally famous for hiking as well. As the city is surrounded by the green lush forests there are numerous hiking trails. Adventure Victory Team has options of different hiking trails for hikers to do Kathmandu Valley Day Hiking. Champadevi Hiking, Nagarjun Hiking, Shivapuri Budanilkantha Hiking, Chandragiri Hiking, and Bungmati Khokana Hiking are few examples. For the one day hiking the agency recommends Chandragiri Hiking. 

Kathmandu Valley Day Hiking in Chandragiri Hill is diversified and rich. It is through green lush forests, Newar & Brahmin Village, temple, history, Vantage Point and Cable Car fun. Therefore, travel planners of Adventure Victory Team propose this route for the Kathmandu Valley Day Hiking. Hikers will be taken to the foothill of Chandragiri on a private car or bus. The walking starts from the Brahmin Village of Thankot. It traverses through Newar Villages. Even inside the valley hikers can experience the small farms as well. As the trail heads up the green lush forests welcome hikers. Watch out for the tree leopards as well. The trail is famous for the various bird-watching expeditions as well. Once you are at the top of the Chandragiri Hill the scenery is astounding.

One can gaze at the mountains like Dorje Lakpa, Thapa Peak, Jugal, Annapurna, etc. from the top. It is the highest point in the valley as well. The hill has a brief history as well. Nepal was not the complete country before King Prithvi Narayan Shah annexed the smaller states. When the king of Gorkha was visiting Makwanpur his maternal uncle’s house the king saw the fertile and rich valley of Kathmandu. He planned the unification campaign from the top of the hill. Therefore, it has historical significance too. Visit the Bhaleshwor Temple as well. For the return trip, we will use the cable car having momentous pictures of the valley. Book the Kathmandu Valley Day Hiking package with us. In one day experience the wonders of nature and culture of Kathmandu. 


Day : 1 Arrival in Kathmandu

Day : 2 Final departure


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